Every year we invest 20% of our turnover in mechanical automation. We believe that is the only possible way to continue producing in Italy and to compete with companies that have outsourced productions to Eastern Europe or the Far East.

We put a value on rapidity and flexibility: we are committed to finding customized solutions that reflect our reliabilty in all stages of production. Our personalized management system allows us to keep detailed track of raw materials used to realize each and every product. It also supports our planning orders, monitoring real-time production phases as well as order status updates. Over the years, Kerz has enlarged the production plant and opened new departments. The employment of Curti machinery in all steps of production guarantees great efficiency and reliability. Our raw materials are carefully selected and rigorously controlled so as to fully satify our customers’ needs and requests.


We employ technologically advanced equipment to manufacture high quality products. We carry out daily tests to verify the exact match among electrical, physical and mechanical characteristics.

We operate in compliance with the relevant legislations and our primary goal is to fully satisfy our customers’ requests: the whole production process is in fact meant to guarantee customers high-standard service, starting from the initial designing, to the tests throughout production and pre-delivery inspections. In Kerz we strongly believe in the importance of making increasing investments in equipment, so as to ensure customers reliable final products. The main certification authorities regularly inspect our lab: all products undergo conformity inspections. We offer our clients tests aimed at working out innovative solutions.


In a fast-expanding and rapidly-changing market, innovation has become increasingly more important. This is why Kerz’s Research and Development division looks to the future.

Our R&D department works closely with Production and establishes the framework for corporate strategy. For this reason we invest a large amount of our profits in R&D activities. Our cutting-edge CAD-CAM softwares enable us to find and offer solutions to all our customers’ requests.